Sunday, January 10, 2010

Out With The Old

Today, I packed up 3 bags of clothes that don't fit anymore. : (  This disgusts and saddens me. As I was putting things in the bag, I kept trying to negotiate with myself. "I will lose the weight". "I will use this as motivation". "I know by summer these will fit". I had to tell myself to stop. This doesn't mean that I am going stop trying to get in shape and lose weight. That is a perpetual goal. I am just going to be realistic and know that the clothes aren't going to fit anytime soon and they are taking up room in my closet and life. There are new and better things to be found.

The Outfit Du Jour 1/10/2010

Sweater - Talbot's (thrifted)
Jeans - Gap Outlet
Belt - Fashion Bug (from another outfit)
Scarf - (thrifted)
Shoes - Wal Mart

I am in love with this scarf. I don't think I would ever wear a shirt or dress that is this color (or would I? Hmmm...). I saw it in The Salvation Army yesterday and I knew I had to have it. It cost $2. The sweater was another buy from yesterday. I love the v-neck with the single button. It seems a little short so I have to be careful when I raise my arms. The jeans were a pair that were in the donation pile. I couldn't remember why they were there until I put them on. They gap really bad at the waist. They are made for someone who is straight up and down not an hourglass. That is why I am wearing a belt.

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